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CXO Summit - APAC

The Corporate Playbook:

From Survive To Thrive


10 November - 12 November 2020

This event will be held in Singapore Time (GMT+8)


CEOs, CFOs, senior executives in key decision making roles and entrepreneurs looking to drive sustainable growth and change in their businesses.

10 November

Day 1

Introduction of CXO Virtual Series by Datasite & IJK Capital Partners

Digital transformation has been the flavor of 2020 with many traditional businesses migrating into the digital realm. While it has been a year of great uncertainty and volatility, it has also created new opportunities and markets.
• Is the use of technology an absolute litmus test for identifying the winners in the current market?
• Perspectives on the way ahead: where are the bright spots in 2021 and beyond?
• The changing face of business travel and remote work arrangements – what does this mean for the future economy?
• What are the limits of technology in enabling and transforming business capabilities?

Disruptions to travel, concerns over healthcare infrastructure, trade wars and geopolitical uncertainties are putting the strain on economic and business growth. Business leaders share their views on some of the biggest challenges faced in their organizations this year.
• What are some of the key takeaways and biggest lessons learned?
• How do we manage risks, stay resilient and deal with uncertainties in the current market?
• How can managers and business leaders instill grit and persistence in their organizations? How can we nurture organizational agility?

By Datasite and IJK Capital Partners

11 November 

Day 2

Introduction of CXO Virtual Series by Datasite & IJK Capital Partners

Stakeholders are increasingly embracing ESG and sustainable business practices – both have become central to the way businesses are being conducted and a cornerstone for investors globally.
• What does sustainable investing mean? Can long-term profitability be a realistic goal?
• How do we balance the economic interests of shareholders and societal good?
• How has COVID-19 changed the way organizations are adopting sustainable business practices?
• What are some of the initiatives at the operating level that organizations can undertake to encourage sustainable business practices?

Southeast Asia has proven to be an important hub in the value chain for many businesses in Asia. CEOs based in the region share their strategies and stories for navigating the new economic landscape.
• In an era of austerity and near zero interest rates, where are companies looking for growth within / outside the region?
• What are the implications of geopolitics and trade wars on businesses in Southeast Asia?

By Datasite and IJK Capital Partners

12 November

Day 3

Introduction of CXO Virtual Series by Datasite & IJK Capital Partners

The pandemic this year has largely accelerated the digitalization of the healthcare industry, particularly with a focus on telemedicine, mobile health and medical technology.
• What are the new drivers shaping the current healthcare ecosystem in Asia?
• How are CEOs and business leaders leveraging this trend to re-organize or expand?
• What are some of the key initiatives and notable transformations undertaken by businesses this year?

A new set of challenges await companies as the world gradually returns to a new normal. CEOs share what is keeping them awake at night and what their priorities are in the near and longer term.
• Will economic activity ever revert to pre-pandemic levels?
• What are the key focus areas for 2021 and the next five years?
• What are some creative and interesting initiatives that companies are leading to drive growth?

Closing Note by Datasite and IJK Capital Partners


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