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for Investors & Businesses

The Asia Investment Conference ("AIC") is a not-for-profit think tank committed to fostering strategic in-depth discussions amongst investors and key decision makers in businesses.

Our two flagship summits in Singapore and Shanghai have been traditionally focused around private equity and venture capital. With increasing fund activity in emerging Asia and general interest in the wider business community  - our summits have also transcended to trending sectoral themes such as healthcare, technology, education, sustainable investing and many more.

The Asia Investment Conference is led and anchored by IJK Capital Partners, an investment and advisory firm with offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2016, the team has designed, curated and executed over ten high-level events convening former ministers, government officials, including senior members of the public and private sectors. These initiatives have played an instrumental role in bridging resources and the best minds across industries, supplementing IJK's core business.


The key objectives of these summits are to:

  • Engage industry experts, key business stakeholders and friends in a lifelong intellectual and co-generative dialogue with the wider business community

  • Leverage the collective experiences and insights shared at these events - enabling key decision makers, boards and entrepreneurs to brainstorm and formulate actionable strategies for solving problems in our increasingly complex and inter-connected business environment

A timeline of our initiatives to date

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