A special note from the founders:

We have come a long way since 2016.

The Asia Investment Conference is an initiative by


Our sincere appreciation and gratitude goes out to all the individuals, companies and organizations who have supported each successive event since our inception - the event sponsors, partners, delegates and clients - many of whom have become friends and close business associates.


For investors. By investors.


When we conceived the first conference in 2016, all we relied on was a working knowledge of how private capital markets work, drawn largely from our combined experience of working in the banking, finance and investments sector.


We also then had a fair understanding of the who’s who in private equity and venture capital, which enabled us to design a very structured rundown of discussion topics relating to macro-economic and geopolitical trends; capital raising, structuring and negotiations, including all things related to what keeps CEOs up at night.

The quality of today’s conference would also not be what it is today if not for the collective sharing of insights and anecdotes drawn from the professional and personal experiences of the speaking faculty.

A personal investment of capital.

Today, many of the key processes and work streams involved in putting together the summits have been significantly institutionalized, largely attributed to the tireless efforts of the executive team - including our personal investment of capital and the pooling of resources.


The success of each conference of course would not have been possible without the dedication of the executive committee and support staff who have worked intensively to manage our social media channels, websites, call for sponsorships and partnerships.

Thank you for your continuous support. We really appreciate it and please reach out and talk to us anytime. Have a productive summit!

Founding Team

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