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Asia Investment Conference presents


What does the future hold for digital transformation and what needs to be taken into consideration in order to plan for its development and implementation?

18 September 2020

JW Marriott Hotel, Tomorrow Square

Shanghai, China

This event will be held in Mandarin Chinese.

Indicative Program Agenda

Digital transformation of various industries require basic computing capabilities and software services. The continuous maturity of cloud computing services has provided considerable impetus to the digitalization of different industries. What role will cloud computing play in potential industries in the future?

With an estimation of $1.3 trillion of value to be captured globally from 2016-2025 in the digital industry. Private Equity firms investing in industries and companies are facing the challenges of digital transformation. But what exactly is digitisation, what benefits does it offer, and how do companies “digitise?”

The traditional medical system comes with many problems, with the difficulties for patients to get registered. As the online medical platform gets a popular demand during the pandemic, it’s time to think about how digitalisation in medical system brings more convenience and benefits to the patients.

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