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Will geopolitical uncertainty and trade tensions divide Southeast Asia or bring about a new wave of optimism? Where are the opportunity hotspots and growth avenues in the region and which sectors are poised to benefit the most?

With a shift in investor interest towards opportunities beyond China, what are the predictions, insights and trends for private equity and venture capital in Southeast Asia?

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Coined originally by former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 100-day plan was originally used as a benchmark to measure the success of political leadership. How has this been adapted to today’s business setting? What makes an effective 100- day plan?

Leading and executing a sale or investment process can be intense. Both buyer and seller deal with nerve-racking decisions around valuation, strategy and the overall long-term view of the businesses. What are the best practices for managing this process around Asia’s culturally diverse and complex environment?

Grand Ballroom foyer

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With more than 620 million people in Southeast Asia, healthcare is a huge and growing market. Where are funds and companies channelling their resources and capital? How can technology fill the gaps of healthcare systems in Asia?

Constructing a quality board is all about the competencies and perspectives brought to the table by each individual director, including the dynamics and chemistry that drive effective management and execution. Along with an increasing number of newly formed companies emerging in Asia, effective oversight and diversity becomes increasingly important.

What are the segments that are most interesting to global investors with an appetite for Asia real estate? With the overvaluation of private equity and increasing global risk headwinds are private credit strategies the safer bet? Which Asian markets are attractive and which will be best avoided in 2020?

Grand Ballroom Foyer

The emergence and constant evolution of big data platforms are increasingly creating new opportunities as companies are now better equipped to deep dive into incredible amounts of information and deal with making key decisions in their respective industries. How is this transforming businesses and decision making? Where are the applications and opportunities?

In an economy where information and markets move at blistering speed, the need for resilience and agility becomes more important than ever. How can managers and business leaders instil persistence and creativity in large organizations?

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