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Speaking Engagements

Sponsored Presentations

Want to leverage the AIC platform?

  • Showcase an idea

  • Give a "101" presentation on a particular domain or industry

  • Introduce your company 

Get in touch with us at conference@ijkcapital,com

Movers and Shakers

Nominate someone to a keynote on panel. Speakers should be

  • Globally recognized leaders or C-Suite executives

  • Subject matter experts

  • Charismatic

Fill in the form below to submit a mover or shaker*.

*All nominated speakers are subject to the qualification of the organizing committee. The AIC team has the sole discretion to accept or decline the submissions.

Thank you for writing to us. Please note that most speaking engagements come with a sponsorship to the event. The committee reserves and right and sole discretion to approve/disapprove all candidates

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