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Amidst an uncertain and somewhat volatile geopolitical backdrop, how are companies re-positioning themselves for new avenues of growth in the region?
What are the biggest issues keeping CEOs up at night?
Against the regional backdrop, what are the key focus areas for sustainable growth over the next 5 years?

How can businesses grow and thrive amidst the volatile geopolitical relationships taking place around the world?
Where are the biggest growth markets in this day and age?
What are the critical factors influencing the decision to buy or to build?

In today’s modern economy, the ability for managers to think out of the box and take calculated risks are some of the most important traits for getting ahead of the pack.
What are some of the interesting initiatives that has been spearheaded by organizations to encourage this?
Whatat are the best strategies for nurturing innovation and creativity within the organization?

Portfolio management and post-investment work can be tricky and complex, and often not as exciting and rosy as depicted in academic case studies. The absence of a proper 100-day plan often leads to poor integration, less than ideal financial performance and potentially value destructive to shareholders.
What do companies and investors look out for when placing key management into their businesses and portfolios?
How do management and boards recruit and retain the best talent?
Which of these traits matter more in driving performance (i) connections & relationships or (ii) execution capability & leadership?

In an increasingly digital and global business landscape, what competencies should companies be nurturing in order to stay competitive? How can we leverage technology and best practices to drive operational excellence?

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