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Since its reforms and opening-up 40 years ago, China has experienced tremendous growth on all fronts, propelling it into one of the largest economies in the world.

Amidst global volatility, trade tensions and talks of dampening growth, is China still an attractive strategy for investors? Do the risks and uncertainties for China based PE funds eventually pay off as compared to other global funds?

What is the inside story for China's real estate market? Which segments are the bright spots and are we expecting any slowdown in the coming few years?

How has the balance of power and geopolitical interactions changed over the last 40 years?

An increasing number of investors are developing an interest towards sustainable and responsible investing? How does one define sustainability in the current state of the economy in China and Asia?

The business and cultural fabric in China is vastly different from the rest of the world. What are some of the key considerations that decision makers undertake during expansion or rolling out a new product? Is it better to build or buy a business? What are some of the proven techniques for creating value and driving transformation in a company?

With consumer spending being the key driver of China’s economic growth, what defines the Chinese consumer? What is driving the increase in disposable incomes and what are people spending on?

China’s healthcare market has seen a surge in demand driven largely by an ageing demographies and consumers’ want for wellness. Where are some of the key segments in the healthcare value chain to watch?

Never mind the economic slowdown, parents are still spending a significant portion of disposable income on education, fueling the continued boom in the education space.

Cross-border opportunities for China. An ambitious development strategy for the Belt & Road initiative, how has it sought to improve infrastructural connectivity between China and the rest of the world? How can investors position themselves to benefit from these cross-border opportunities? How will this initiative accelerate economic growth across its infrastructure corridors encompassing the different countries? How has AIIB's involvement in the infrastructure network helped in this initiative?

From Blockchain, Data & Analytics tools to online lending: How is technology shaping our capital markets? Will disruptive Fintech trigger a revolution in the financial services industry?

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