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2019 Interactive Roundtables

Singapore Summit, 2-3 May 2019


Chasing the next Unicorn

Why the next unicorn will be found in Southeast Asia and what it will look like. ​ Insider tips to find the next unicorn with free advice guaranteed.


Investing in tech-driven SME lending

An overview of the emergence of SME private credit as a liquid, high-yield asset class, that offers accredited and institutional investors diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns whilst supporting the SME sector. Plus key trends playing out in Southeast Asia, and the themes that will shape this alternative asset class in 2019.


The Next Big Wave: Proptech 3.0

So, what exactly is property tech and how is it changing the real estate sector? With AI taking over the world for the next few years, what are the innovate products or new business models for the real estate industry?


The Case for Investing in Central Asia

With Central Asia emerging as one of fastest growing economy and it's GDP doubling over the last 10 years, what are the upcoming business opportunities that are opened for the rest of the world to see?

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