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Singapore Summit 2019

Does Southeast Asia have what it takes to be high-tech hub for innovation, technology, manufacturing and other sectors?

The Future of Fund Raising

The definition of mid-market in Asia and the west can be vastly different. How do PE funds balance geographical focus and industry specialization in fragmented Southeast Asia? What do investors look out for when evaluating mid-cap companies – how much difference is this when compared to mature market economies?

How are education investors and operators capitalizing on the changing demographics and rising affluence in Asia?

Customer Demand for Economic Alternatives for Short Hop Cargo & Passenger Flights in Asean and Worldwide

How far away are we from a fully automated society? Which segments are more prone to disruption – industrial or retail? Where are the largest markets in Asia for the implementation and application of robotics and AI? Is robotics hardware limiting the development of software or vice versa?

How will the fund model in Asia evolve over the next decade? Will venture capital increasingly converge with mid-market private equity funds?

Increasing digitization in today’s economy is influencing the way consumers and businesses are interacting with each other. What are some of the trends that will change the way consumers behave in the next 5 to 10 years.
Beyond technology, what are the other disruptive forces that will potentially result in a radical shift in the industry?

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