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Shanghai Summit

Driving Force From The World: The Evolution Of China


CXO Summit - APAC

The Corporate Playbook: 
From Survive To Thrive

10 - 12 November 2020

This is an online event. 

Featured Satellite Event
CXO Summit
Are you set up for growth in 2020?

Singapore | 14 November 2019

China in Transition: The Next 40 Years

Shanghai | 24-25 October 2019

We concluded our Shanghai summit with over 500 delegates.

Our largest conference yet.

Selected Insights & Perspectives.

Deep dive into the dialogue from our past summits.


Is China still an attractive private equity market?

"Whoever who can get through those hurdles and deliver the results - and like any other industry in the world - Number one in China will be number one in the world". Find out what LPs and GPs are saying about the dynamic landscape in Asia's largest economy.


Tailor-made strategies: Buy and build or bet to win?

It's an age-old question in private equity and venture capital.

The M&A landscape and business environment in China has evolved from opportunistic to systematic. But whether you are a fund or corporate, buy-and-build is the way to go.

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Can we use data analytics to predict real estate prices?

In an information-driven age dominated by big data and artificial intelligence, how are companies and funds operating in real estate leveraging technology to drive returns in one of the world's least disrupted sectors?

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